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The City of Santa Clara is accepting Sealed Bids for the SANTA CLARA ROAD PROJECT 2016-2017 #16-001.
The base contract will consist of approximately 0.91 centerline miles of Full Depth Reclamation. The work generally involves scarify, reshape and cement treat the existing pavement structure, place geogrid, flexible base and then place a 2-course surface treatment.
Sealed bids will be accepted until 7:00 P.M. on November 21, 2016 at the City of Santa Clara City Hall, 1653 N Santa Clara Rd, Santa Clara, Texas, 78124 at which time the bids will be opened and dispersed to City Council members. Any envelopes received after the specified time will be returned unopened.
Bid Packages may be purchased at a cost of $75.00 per set (tax included) from GMK Engineers at 8918 Tesoro Dr., Ste. 540, San Antonio, TX 78217.
Please email jim@gmkengineers.com to schedule pickup of plans.

Santa Clara 4-H Club
meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm
For more information contact 830-914-3735/gdamerau@gmail.com or 210-268-4128/ aldersonfam4@gmail.com.

Community Information Sharing
The city hosts informational programs at the Santa Clara City Hall.

These sessions are open to all the public and are not for conducting city business.
If you would like to coordinate a session, please contact the mayor.

    MAJOR ROAD REPAIR LIST > Listed in order of priority
    [This list does not include all the roads in the city.]

  1. Santa Clara Rd. > from repair by City Hall, South to repair by Cale Dr.
  2. Youngsford Rd. > from Santa Clara East to Wetz then to Marion Rd.
  3. Santa Clara Loop Rd.
  4. Youngsford Rd. > from Santa Clara West to low area
  5. Wetz Rd. > south section connecting to Youngsford
  6. Youngsford Rd. > from Marion Rd. East to Union Wine and include 200 ft. of Union Wine
  7. Marion Rd > divide into 2 sections, do one section at a time
  8. Repairs to these sections of roads REQUIRES written bids and final contract selection REQUIRES City Council approval. This list does not include 'minor' or emergency repairs.

    If you would like to discuss roads, please come to a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

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